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How to bathe your cat without drama🛁🧼

How to bathe your cat without drama🛁🧼

I know… I know… it sounds super crazy but we’ve got good news for you. You most likely will never need to bathe your cat with water (maybe if they’re very dirty because they were playing outside or getting into something) however, some long-haired cats may need regular bathing because their coats get oily. A professional groomer might be ideal in this case.

Bathing a cat can either be an easy and enjoyable task or something very complicated depending on your cat’s temperament. That’s why we’ve created this simple and quick guide to get it done without too much drama.

Waterless Baths with a Cat Shampoo

Bathing your cat with waterless foam shampoos is very easy and convenient. All you have to do is to apply the shampoo directly to your cat’s coat and massage it gently.

Before bathing your cat, you should take your time and brush her to get all the mats and tangles out. 

Make sure you keep a secure hold on her because if you blink, and lose grip, she might just run and make things more complicated. This been said, do not force her to stay, if she puts resistance just let her go, and try bathing her on a different occasion when she’s more relaxed.

Pre-moistened Bath Wipes

We recommend using wet cat wipes at least twice per week. It helps remove loose hair, excess oils, and odors. 

There are wipes made for ears and eyes, wipes made only for the coat and wipes made for both, before buying any make sure it’s the right one.

With the wipes, all you have to do is to wipe your cat from head to tail and then brush their fur as it drys. After this, your cat will look super fresh and clean!