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About Us

We are a team of feline care specialists, veterinarians & creative individuals delivering picky products to picky cats with picky parents since 2017 

Hi furriend 👋

First of all, you’re in the right place

Because as consumers ourselves, we understand why you might be a little bit skeptical when buying something for your cat online.

We know that feeling of uncertainty of not getting the tracking information or the anxiety and worry of not getting a quick reply from the seller, having to wait for days. As ordinary people who buy online, we’ve been victims too.

Our goal is to erase that skepticism. You deserve to be respected and get any information you may need as quickly as possible, right? 

Your satisfaction is our main priority. And thanks to our dedication and hard work, we have created a heartfelt and established connection with all our customers.

Our most significant investment is directed towards customer care

You’ll get a reply from us as quickly as possible. We have our customer care team working on different shifts to accomplish that. 

Our motto: Your peace of mind is our peace of mind

You’ll get all the information you need, and we’ll be there to answer all your questions, so you won’t have to worry about anything. 

We also pay massive attention to detail. We are perfectionists, and we’ve put a tremendous amount of work into creating the best packaging possible, with the best materials and a beautiful and sleek design. There are also tons of work behind our website and social media pages.

You’ll be able to feel with your own hands that we use high-quality materials for literally everything, from the packaging to the products. Everything you order from us has to delight you and your cat, that’s our primary goal.

Moving towards sustainability

Even though we are still a relatively young company, we are working very hard every day to move towards greater sustainability—including our packaging, printed materials, the way we communicate, etc.

With time, we want to make a positive impact on our beautiful planet. With your help, we'll get there :)

There's more

You can also check our blog—easy to read and easy to explore—where your basic questions regarding cat care will be answered.

We have cat experts and veterinarians in our team, always double checking and making sure the information is accurate, up to date and helpful. 

Aside from that, we have several articles—names for cats, cat breeds, and more—that will let you know more about cats in a very entertaining way. We’re continually writing and adding more, so don’t miss out.

And there’s more because once you’ve subscribed to our newsletter, you’ll receive original cat-related content, and you’ll be the first to know when we publish a new blog post and when we launch product-related promotions.

You’ll also receive any update we need to communicate to you.

We also have an active Instagram account where we post super cool cat illustrations made by our artists.

Our Experts:

We count with a small group of feline care specialists and veterinarians.

Meet our specialist team:

Dr. Leslie Brooks, DVM—Veterinarian
Dr. Kimberly Couch, DVM—Veterinarian
Elizabeth Italia—Feline Behavior & Fostering Specialist


We are a young creative collective based in Barcelona, Spain.

Our distribution warehouses are located in the United States—part of our staff lives and works there. Our main office is located in sunny Barcelona. 

We do not have a physical store for you to visit—yet, but you will find all our products on this website, beautifully presented.

If there's a product you'd like us to create, please let us know. We are all eyes and ears :)

Please, feel free to contact us at any time.

With love,

The team
My Lovely Feline™