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Zoom Recaps

call #19

Zoom Recap: Parasites in Cats—Call #19

Many kittens and puppies are born with parasites in their systems, and most outdoor cats also harbor parasites. Parasites can infect a cat’s gastrointestinal tract (like stomach or intestines), heart, lungs, or even on the skin (in the case of...

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Call #18

Zoom Recap: Common Feline Infections—Call #18

Cats can get a lot of different types of infections. While it’s impossible to discuss all of them at once, during this Zoom call, Indiana small animal veterinarian Dr. Leslie Brooks breaks down the general categories, with a heavy focus...

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Cancer in Cats

Zoom Recap: Cancer in Cats—Call #15

Because cancer is so common in cats and it affects all age groups, Indiana small animal veterinarian Dr. Leslie Brooks wanted to use this Zoom call to talk about this vicious disease, including common types along with symptoms and treatment....

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Skin Issues in Cats

Zoom Recap: Skin Issues in Cats—Call #12

Fur loss, scabs, itchy, redness, etc. All of these indicate your cat might be having a skin issue. A cat with itchy skin can even be lethargic or lose her appetite because they're so uncomfortable. What causes things like this?...

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Litter Box Issues

Zoom Recap: Litter Box Issues—Call #11

Most of the time, altered indoor cats have little issue using their litter box. Since their instinct is to bury their business, they typically start going in the litter box (or digging and burying outside) around 4 weeks of age....

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Zoom Recap: Euthanasia—Call #9

Although a difficult topic, euthanasia is important to discuss. During this My Lovely Feline Zoom call, small animal veterinarian and My Lovely Feline content contributor Dr. Leslie Brooks talks about the eutanasia process, including what to expect and what to...

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Grooming and Hygiene

Zoom Recap: Grooming & Hygiene—Call #7

Cat are known as great bathers, giving many lucky owners a sigh of relief because normally cats have their hygiene handled. But there are some situations where you may need to step in, because problems with hygiene can affect a...

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Cats and Vaccines

Zoom Recap: Are We Over-Vaccinating Cats?—Call #5

Is there such a thing as over-vaccinating your cat? Are there any health risks associated with vaccines? During this My Lovely Feline Zoom call, Indiana small animal veterinarian Dr. Leslie Brooks looks at controversies surrounding feline vaccinations. My Lovely Feline...

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