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We had the great honor to test the Magic Feline Brush and we have to admit .. we LOVE it. The design of this brush is amazing. So easy and handy. It is very soft and pleasant on the skin so there is no risk of hurting the cat while brushing it. What we also really liked, is that you can just wash the brush off with water and it’s clean and dry in less than 10 seconds. Simply amazing! We can really recommend this brush to anyone!


Christeen Verdriess

So when I received the brush a few days later and began using it on my Miss Patty.... OMG!!! Currently, Miss Patty is 7 months old and has never ever seen a brush, let alone been brushed! I started by letting her examine the brush a bit. Sniffing, playing around with it a bit. Then when I started brushing her with it .... SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!

Christeen Verdriess

The quality of this cat brush is amazing and it's cushy to hold. My cat normally doesn't really like to be brushed, but fortunately she really enjoys to be brushed with this brush! I highly recommend it, you and your cat will love it. Also, the team behind My Lovely Feline is very kind!