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Interview: Amber Maureen Lu—Body Positive California Cat Mom, Fashion Lover, & Model.

Cat Influencer

Hey, furriends! It’s interview time again 😸

Today we’re interviewing Amber Maureen Lu (@eatdrinkcat), a body positive California cat mom, fashion lover, and model.

Make sure to check her IG pages because you’ll be blown away by her style and awesomeness. Enjoy 🙌

Hey Amber, we’d love to know more about you, so can you give us a little bit of background about you and what you do (we LOVE your outfits!!)? 

I spend my life in service to my cats! LOL 

To support my cats in the life they are accustomed to, I work a job in the tech industry along with my hobbies of creating fun cat-themed content and napping. I have an artistic flair so I love setting up fun photoshoots with the cats in my free time.

I also love taking little road trips around southern California. Palm Springs is my favorite place to visit. One of these days I hope to get a little cat cottage there so we can live our fabulous life in the desert. 

When did you find out that you were meant to be a cat mommy?

I grew up in a rural community and always had cats around. I love all animals but cats have a very special place in my heart. When I was a very small child I'd cry when I had to go to school and leave my favorite cat for the day.

My dad told me that someday when I grew up and had a job I wouldn't be able to take my cat to work but it turns out he was wrong as Harley comes to work with me most days. 

Let’s talk about Lola, how long has she been with you and how was she when she first met you? What about Harley?

Lola is almost 6 months old so she's been with me for around 3 months. Lola is the complete opposite of Harley. She's very high-energy and likes to climb and play.

She's VERY adventurous and takes a lot of risks which scares me endlessly. Harley has always been content with a little scheduled play and then just relaxing most of the day.

Harley and I are constantly shocked by Lola's manners... or lack thereof. Lola will grab food right out of your hand and (playfully) attack you with claws out. Harley is very proper and is not the biggest fan of Lola's uncivilized nature.
We speculate that Lola is a wild forest creature that was somehow mistaken for a cat.
Harley and I have been together for over 5 years. Her original purpose was just as a pet, but she has become a partner in modeling and my constant companion.

We have a very special bond and she will always be my fluffy and flashy baby girl. On days I'm not working from home she joins me at the office and loves car rides and going on adventures.

It’s always funny to see cats find out about new stuff. How did Lola and Harley react when they first saw the Magic Feline Fountain? How was their first interaction with it? Would you recommend it?

Lola and Harley were both very intrigued when I started putting the fountain together. I worry about my girls drinking enough water so anything I can do to get them to drink more is a huge win. Harley hasn't quite figured out how to use consistently.

Sometimes she ends up with water cascading off her nose while she licks the air which might not be the most refreshing but it sure is entertaining! Lola LOVES the fresh running water.

She drinks from it all the time and sometimes sticks her paws in it.

I definitely recommend the fountain and the rubber mat under it for playful kitties. Plus it just looks cooler with the mat! 

Let’s say somebody is interested in getting a cat for the first time, what’s the most important advice you would give them? 

When someone is interested in adopting a cat, I let them know that you only see the positive stuff online and that owning a cat is a lot of work and a (hopefully) 20-year commitment.

I don't post pics online of me emptying their litter boxes but that's something I do every day, much more frequently than taking glammed up pics with the cats. They are companions in your home, a new furry little roommate and they need a lot of accommodations.

You should never declaw a cat; so if a cat clawing your furniture is a dealbreaker, don't get a cat. They all have unique personalities and needs. Some are more work than others, but you need to be prepared for all the ups and downs of ownership.

What's the funniest or quirkiest thing you've seen a cat do?

Cats make me happy just by existing, and I think everything they do is funny. Cats in clothes always crack me up though.