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Interview: Chelsea Brea—Cat Mom, Actress & Singer

Interview: Chelsea Brea—Cat Mom, Actress & Singer

Hey, furriends! It’s interview time 😸

Today we’re interviewing Chelsea (@chelseabreea) a Jersey girl who lives in LA and has two classy cats named Ben and Bud (@coupleofclassycats).

Make sure to check her IG pages because you’ll love them. We’re super excited to have Chelsea here with us, so let’s get to know more about her and her wonderful cats :)

Hello Chelsea, we love to know more about the awesome people we interview, which is why we always start with a background question… So can you tell us about you and what you do? 

Hello, thanks so much for having me! I’m originally from South Jersey. I graduated from Widener University with a B.S. in Business Admin and concentration in marketing. I thought I wanted a career in marketing, but I quickly realized that I was not ready for the corporate world.

I moved to NYC to pursue music. I’ve released a couple of singles as a solo artist, and an E.P. with my band, Like Crazy. Now, I’m in LA, pursuing acting and music!

What made you want to become a cat mommy? Have you always wanted to be one?

My freshman year in college, my roommates wanted to adopt either a dog or a cat. I wasn’t interested in either, because I traveled and knew I wouldn’t be able to take care of them. I did grow up with animals, but I never had a cat.

My mom started to rescue stray/feral cats when I left for college. When I told my mom my roommates were looking for a dog/cat to adopt, she said she had two kittens that needed a home.

My roommates and I went to meet the kittens. They were brothers, and my mom didn’t want them to be separated, so we took both of them! I couldn’t be happier I became a cat mommy!

We love Ben and Bud, the IG page is pawesome! How old are they, and when did you meet them? Has their behavior changed a lot during that period of time?

Ben and Bud are brothers, they are 10 years old. I met them when they were a couple weeks old, so I’ve known them their whole life. They’re completely opposite in personality.

Buddy has always been friendly, but very laid back. Ben is a mama’s boy, he’s loving but a little shy at times. They haven’t changed much, but every year I become closer to them.

And the Magic Feline Fountain? How did they interact with it when they saw it for the first time? Do they like it? Would you recommend it?

Buddy absolutely loves water, so when he first saw the fountain, he ran right up to it. Ben was standoffish, but once he saw Bud interacting with the fountain, he warmed up to it.

Now, they both love it. They don’t drink water from the sink anymore, which is very surprising. I would definitely recommend it, because all cats love running water.

Also, the filtering system makes me feel better knowing my babies have fresh, clean water at all times!

Let’s say somebody is interested in getting a cat for the first time, what’s the most important advice you would give?

I would say to be patient because once they get to know you, the love and loyalty a cat provides is unexplainable. Ben and Bud do the silliest things sometimes, and they always put a smile on my face.

What's the funniest or quirkiest thing you've seen a cat do?

I’ve seen many cat videos, so I could go on and on. The funniest thing I ever saw a cat do is swimming in the tub. Ben and Bud would swim in the tub when they were younger, not so much now.