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Mission Meow—Catsbury Park Grant

Mission Meow—Catsbury Park Grant
Hey feline fam! 👋

We are so happy to announce the successful fundraising that Mission Meow accomplished to help Catsbury Park!

We are extremely excited to be part of this! And we want to take the opportunity to also thank all the other amazing small businesses that participated in this fundraiser. 

Mission Meow raised $10,000 USD from My Lovely Feline and other small businesses to help different feline-centric nonprofits to drive meaningful change. This time the grant was given to Catsbury Park so they can expand their organization and help a lot more kitties!

We want to also give special thanks to our wonderful customers because, thanks to you, we can participate in these kinds of activities to help cats in need :) We are forever thankful.

DJ Bornschein (Catsbury Park Founder & President), Sally Williams (Mission Meow Founder & President) Maryann Wood (Catsbury Park Foster) Cait Caffrey (Catsbury Park Adoption Manager)

About Catsbury Park:

Catsbury Park’s founder, DJ, started his rescue work with a spare room and a dream. 

In 2017 Catsbury became the first ever cat cafe in NJ when they opened their cafe & lounge in downtown Asbury Park. 

Since then, their mission has expanded, but the focus remains on improving the lives of cats in the Jersey Shore area. Catsbury cares for cats of all ages, from neonatal kittens who need round the clock care, to seniors who need a comfy place to live out their golden years. 

In the 5 years they have been operating, they've had tremendous accomplishments! They facilitated hundreds and hundreds of adoptions, became heavily involved in TNR and rescue work, and hosted three cat conventions as well as a podcast. 

During the pandemic, when they weren’t able to open the cafe to the public, they pivoted and focused more on TNR and other rescue efforts, while building their foster network, which has allowed them to save even more lives. 

In 2021, Catsbury made the difficult decision to give up the cafe, but in February of this year, they opened up a new cat lounge / adoption center, still located in Asbury Park. The new lounge is filled with bright colors and plenty of cozy spots for cats and humans alike. Cats roam free in the lounge, allowing them to interact with visitors and potential adopters. Catsbury provides an environment full of enrichment for the cats, as they wait for their forever home. 

In their new location, they also have a rescue room which allows them to continue TNR, rescue, and foster work while providing a place for cats who are not quite ready for the lounge. 

Catsbury’s tireless efforts have saved and enriched countless cats' lives. With a group of core team members and volunteers, they do incredible work. Catsbury Park is a very special place in the little city by the sea.

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