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Cat Not Eating The Supplements? Here Are Some Practical Tips and Tricks That Worked for Other Cat Parents

Cat Not Eating The Supplements? Here Are Some Practical Tips and Tricks That Worked for Other Cat Parents

Break It Down and Mix with Food

One of the most straightforward methods is to break down the soft chew and mix it with your cat's food. For wet food, you can use a spoon or a pill crusher to break the chew into fine particles. Once crushed, blend it thoroughly into a portion of wet food. Make sure the supplement is evenly distributed to ensure your cat consumes the entire dose. Offering this enhanced portion before their regular meal when they are most hungry can be particularly effective.

For dry food, you can grate the soft chew into a powdery form using a fine grater. Lightly sprinkle this powder over your cat's regular kibble and give the food a good shake to mix it in.

Utilize Gravy or Broth

If your cat is a fan of broths or gravies, this could be an excellent way to administer the supplement. Crush the soft chew and mix it with a small amount of chicken or fish broth. You can then pour this supplement-infused broth over their regular kibble or wet food.

Sneak it into Treats

You can also get creative with treats. Make small meatballs out of canned cat food and place the soft chew or a portion of it inside before offering it to your cat. Alternatively, there are commercial cat treats available that are designed with a pouch to hold medication or supplements. You can place the crushed chew into one of these treat pouches.

Peanut Butter or Cat-Safe Spread

Another option involves using a small amount of peanut butter or a cat-safe spread. Coat the crushed soft chew with this spread and offer it as a treat. For cats that are frequent groomers, you can apply the mixture on their paws; they are likely to lick it off.

Invest in a Pill Pocket or Dispenser

Some cats are especially resistant to taking any form of medication or supplement. In these cases, you might consider using a commercial product designed for this very challenge. Pill pockets are available, which are treats designed to hold a pill or chew. Similarly, there are pill dispensers that can hold crushed pills or chews and allow you to release them directly into the cat's throat, effectively bypassing the taste buds.

Dessert Method

If your cat has a sweet tooth, you could consider using cat-safe ice cream as a vehicle for the supplement. Simply blend the crushed chew into a small amount of this ice cream and offer it as a special dessert.

Consult Your Vet

If you've tried multiple methods and your cat still refuses to take the soft chew supplement, consult your veterinarian for alternatives. Your vet may recommend liquid supplements that can be mixed with food or water, or possibly injections that are administered less frequently but provide a longer-lasting effect.

By adopting these practical methods, you increase the chances of successfully administering the necessary soft chew supplements to your finicky feline friend. Always consult your veterinarian before trying a new approach, especially if your cat has specific health concerns or dietary restrictions.

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