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How to correctly use your Magic Feline Brush™

How to correctly use your Magic Feline Brush™

First and foremost, we would like to absolutely congratulate you for getting this amazing brush for your cat! Bravo!

We want you to know that we’ve put so much effort and research into this product to make it as good as possible.

If this is the first time you try to introduce brushing to your cat, you should have patience though. Every cat is different and some love being brushed, some don’t, however, all cats need some help to maintain a beautiful and healthy coat.

Let your cat play with it!

The Best Brush for Cats

Letting your cat play and have fun with the Magic Feline Brush for a couple of days first, will make her way more comfortable. Your cat will inspect the brush and get familiar with it, which will make the grooming session waaaay better and easier.

Pick the right time and start slow

The Best Brush for Cats

You should always pick the right time to brush your cat. Don't try to brush your cat right after energetic activities as such as playing, or even mealtime. Wait until your cat is about to sleep or right after taking a nap. Start slow, with gentle strokes.

The best way to remove unwanted hair is to brush against the direction of the hair growth first and then go in the direction of growth.

Spray some water

The Best Brush for Cats

In order to remove more shedding hair, spraying a little bit of water on the cat brush will help a lot! You can also put it under the tap and get it wet before brushing.

Start the magic

 Best Cat Brush

Okay, okay! Good job! Now it's time to start brushing your cat. Start with gentle strokes without doing any sudden movement. In between give your cat some treats and keep brushing with slow moves.

Give her a treat!

If your cat is responding well and stays calm always give her a treat. This will make the session more fun and easy.

Patience is key

Best Cat Brush

It might take 1 day, weeks or months for your cat to be absolutely accustomed to regular brushing practices. Depending on your cat’s behavior in front of new experiences, you might need a lot of patience but the final results and lifetime value will be very very beneficial and we encourage you to please follow our instructions and have patience :)

Remember, you have 1 full year from the day you receive your brush to try it. If within 365 days it doesn't convince you, please contact us and we will arrange a free pick up. Totally hassle-free and absolutely no questions asked!