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How to setup your Magic Feline Fountain™

How to setup your Magic Feline Fountain™

Setting Up:
The Magic Feline Fountain™

We thought it would be cool if we sent you this quick guide showing you how to easily set up your brand-new Magic Feline Fountain 😸 So here it is:

To open the fountain

Make sure it’s dry. If you have already used it and it’s a little bit wet, use a little towel or kitchen paper before trying to open it —to avoid it from slipping from your hands and falling down—.

Grab the fountain with both hands and rotate the cover as shown below.

o close the fountain

To close it, simply rotate the cover again to the initial position.

To assemble the fountain

  • First time setup for the pump:

1. Open the pump.

2. You will see the turbine, with a Q-tip or your finger, rotate it completely a couple of times.

3. Put the pump back together and set up the fountain following the guide below.

    • Install the pump at the bottom of the fountain then install the filter on top of it. Make sure it’s well fixated.

    • After installing the pump and the filter, install the lid then the filter sponge.

    • The last step is to install the cover, then the water outlet, that’s it!

      In the printed instructions that come with the box, we suggest filling the fountain from the top. That’s just for the first time of use, after that, you can install the pump and the filter, fill the recipient, then add all the other parts.

      ⚠️ IMPORTANT:
      Before plugin the fountain, make sure the water outlet tube is installed. Otherwise, water will come up with too much pressure and spill all over the floor.


      Sometimes the water level might be a little below the pump as the fountain empties. Don’t panic. I know the warning sign is a little dramatic haha 😹

      Just make sure you don’t plug the fountain without water because the pump might lose power over time.


      For more —detailed— information about the first use, please read the instruction brochure that comes inside the fountain’s box.

      If you have any doubts, please, do not hesitate to let us know by emailing us at We’ll reply super quickly.