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Is your cat ignoring the fountain? Try this!

Is your cat ignoring the fountain? Try this!

Some cats take time to get used to the fountain. That's why we offer a 2-year moneyback guarantee, so you don't have to rush the process. Cats are sometimes very systematic, and when they are used to one thing, the transition to something new is not something they do overnight.

Here are some tips you can try :)

1.  Empty & hide the old water bowl

As stated above, cats are very systematic, so the first step when introducing the fountain to your cat is to hide the old water bowl completely. When doing this, try to monitor your cat's water intake a little bit to make sure she's drinking from the fountain. You can also give her some treats after drinking. Slowly reduce the frequency of your rewards as she gets used to the fountain.

2. Put the fountain in a different location, far from the food bowl

It's known that cats prefer their fresh moving water in a different place and not in the same spot where they eat their food.

Don't put it next to the litter box neither 💩

3. Try the bubbling mode

You can do it by removing the water tube (see the image below for reference). Some cats prefer to drink this way because their face doesn't get wet in the process. Make sure to set up this mode while the fountain is unplugged. Also, if you want to put the tube again, you should do it so when there's no water to avoid it to come out with too much pressure and spill all over the floor.


4. Be patient 🧘‍♀️

With cats, patience is key. There's no need to rush the process anyways. The incredible and potentially life-saving long term benefits are worth it, that's why you bought it, right? We offer you a 2-year money-back guarantee. If in a couple of months, your cat still doesn't drink from it and you tried everything mentioned above, you can contact us, and we'll schedule a free pickup and send you a full refund 🧡

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