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Products FAQ

Are your Feline Grooming Wipes and Feline Waterless Foam Wash made with 100% natural components?

Yes! Our Feline Grooming Wipes and our Feline Waterless Foam Wash are both made in the United States and include natural earth-friendly products. We carefully select all the components to make sure that our products are safe for your lovely cat.

I just bought a Magic Feline Brush. How should I use it?

Please, refer to this tutorial 😸 —Click the link below.

How to correctly use your Magic Feline Brush™

How about setting up The Magic Feline Fountain?

Please, refer to this tutorial ⛲ —Click the link below.

How to correctly put together your Magic Feline Fountain™

Is the Magic Feline Fountain easy to clean?

Yup! The "rounded-apple" shape, is designed specifically for it to be easy to clean and maintain. Here's a quick guide on how to clean it.

How long does the filter last?

 It's recommended to replace it for a new one every 2 months for optimum performance. The filter costs $9.95, that's only 0.16 cents per day.

Sweet, how about the pump?

The pump will last for 2 years. We make exhaustive quality controls to make sure it works perfectly, but if the pump for whatever reason loses power or stops working before the 2-year timeframe, we'll replace it with a new one for free (no questions asked).

Sensational, can I let the fountain run all day?

Of course, our pump is designed to function 24/7. You can—and should—let it run all day and night.

    What is The Magic Feline Box and how can I receive one?

    Shhhhh.... It's a secret. Follow us on Instagram because we will be talking about this elusive box very soon.

    If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.