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Super Cool Holiday Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers—2021

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers
Written by Elizabeth Italia, UW-AAB
—Feline Behavior Specialist 🇺🇸

Your feline friends deserve nothing but the best. Whether you have one you spoil, an entire pride, or just need gift ideas for humans with cats, you’ll find the perfect gift in this guide I’ve put together.

As a foster mama, my household is always full of many different cat personalities.

When I find products that work and keep my kitties happy, I know they’re the real deal. These gifts are a win-win.

1. The Magic Feline Fountain

Why I Love It: Encourages cats to drink more water. Keeps cats away from sinks and faucets. Easy to clean.

When it comes to getting cats to drink water, many pet owners face frustration. That’s because in the wild, most cats get moisture from the prey they catch, but when indoors, they’re often given dry kibble by humans. We put out water bowls, but many cats still don’t drink enough. 

Moving water is attractive to cats because they can both see and hear it better (cats see movement better than stationary objects).

They can also smell if water is growing bacteria, which is why they’re again more likely to go toward fresher, better smelling water (ever catch your cat drinking out of the toilet?). The Magic Feline Fountain is here to save the day.

Made from non-toxic BPA-free plastic, the fountain’s gorgeous modern appearance fits with any home décor, but the design of the Magic Feline Fountain is what makes it stand apart. The five-layer filter which is encased in plastic not only filters out the bad stuff, but it adds important minerals back into the water.

The top attachment creates a waterfall-like flow that attracts cats away from faucets. There’s also a secondary sponge to catch dirt and debris, and a quiet pump. The apple shape of the fountain allows cats to drink with their whiskers free, which they will love.

The Magic Feline Fountain also has different accessories like a cleaning kit and filter. It’s recommended to clean the fountain once a week and replace the filter every two months.

Every cat I’ve ever had loves this fountain. To the point that as soon as it’s plugged in, they’re drinking from it immediately. Another fabulous feature is that the five-layer filter sits right on the pump.

This prevents any biofilm or gross stuff from growing on or clogging the pump. I’ve also recommended the fountain to many friends, and the result is always happy customers and kitties.

Cat Water Fountain
Price: $59.95

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2. The Magic Feline Brush

Why I Love It: The gentle bristles are comfy for any cat, from kittens to super seniors.

If there is one bone kitty parents pick with cat brushes, it’s that most of them have hard metal bristles that are too intense for most cats. The Magic Feline Brush is more than a brush – it’s like a massage for your cat.

With medical-grade silicone bristles, you can remove mats for cats with any length of fur. The brush comes with a small squirt bottle that you fill with water, then spray the bristles and start brushing. The water helps fur stick to the brush, and the user can easily remove it in one big clump.

In addition to the brush feeling good on all cats, especially older, arthritic cats with sensitive joints, it’s also comfortable for the user, fitting easily in the palm of your hand. It’s available in seafoam blue or white.

When I use this brush, most of the time the cat stretches out its body in a clear state of pleasure. Cats that are normally apprehensive to brushing seem to really take to this brush quickly. It’s also extremely useful when I have to brush out a mat, as I’m met with little if any resistance from the cat.
 Cat Brush

Price: $24.95

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3. Ceramic Slow Feeding Dish

Slow Feeding Dish for Cats

Why I Love It: Prevents fast eating and vomiting. Keeps cats occupied and working for food. Helps them eat less.

Some cats have a habit of eating too fast they get sick. I call them scarf ‘n’ barfers, and while it sounds funny, it can be extremely frustrating. Another problem facing cat parents is that many cats are obese. When they eat fast, they are often finished before their brain can tell them to stop eating.

One of the best ways to get a cat to slow down is to get their mind involved. This round ceramic Slow Feeding Dish is covered in bumps and waves, making your cat work a little to get their food.

They need to strategically position their head or paw at their food to access it, effectively retiring scarf ‘n’ barfers while also helping overweight cats realize they’re fuller sooner.

Another benefit is the round shape of the bowl, which keeps a cat’s whiskers free. Whiskers are extremely sensitive, and when they rub against the sides of a dish, it causes sensory overload and stress.

Whisker fatigue is extremely uncomfortable for the cat. Although their need to eat often trumps the discomfort, it’s obviously better to keep their whiskers free and comfortable.

With one resident scarf ‘n’ barfer, post-breakfast time is much calmer and cleaner. My cat also will walk away and leave food in the dish sometimes, showing me he’s full. Both aspects are fantastic for his health and my stress level. 

Slow Feeding Dish for Cats

Price: $29.95

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4 & 5. Natural Feline Grooming Wipes & Waterless Shampoo

4. Grooming Wipes

Why I Love Them: Easy to use and smell fantastic.

While most cats are great at grooming, sometimes, they need a little extra help from us. Every now and then every cat gets mess from the litter box on their hind end or paws, and let’s face it, the average kitten or senior doesn't always clean themselves the best.

That’s where the Natural Feline Grooming Wipes come in.

Infused with coconut extract and palm kern oil, along with the light fragrance of mint and bamboo, these pre-moistened wipes not only clean your cat and leave their fur silky and soft, but they make your cat smell great too. Cruelty free, sulfate free, biodegradable, and made in the USA, the wipes are good for your cat and the planet. 

These are a fantastic option for groomers, senior cats, people who foster lots of kittens, and anyone with a cat that has incontinence issues or cerebellar hypoplasia (CH).

My friend fostered a CH kitten named Sven who managed to always fall into his poop, requiring frequent baths which he obviously hated. The wipes allowed the foster mom to avoid bathtime for less serious messes, which was better for her and Sven. 

Cat Grooming Wipes

Price: $16.95

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5. Feline Waterless Foam Wash

Why I Love It: No water means less stress for the cat and me! Smells wonderful.

Some cats see the sink or hear the faucet and immediately run for cover. The Feline Waterless Foam Wash is ideal for cats that need a bath but don’t want to get wet!

Made in the USA, cruelty free, and full of plant-based ingredients and with a hint of green tea fragrance, this waterless shampoo is a dream come true for every cat parent.

When used with the Magic Feline Brush, the shampoo gets to the root of the coat to cleanse the fur, skin, and help with detangling.

Any cat is a fit for this foam wash, but it’s especially great for senior cats with arthritis; long-haired cats who get poop stuck in their fur around their backside; cats with mobility issues; and cats that are indoor-outdoor cats who tend to get plants and dirt stuck to them.

Similar to the wipes, my foster friend with a CH kitten really loved this waterless foam. I also used it on one of my senior cats who sometimes would step in his mess in the litter box.

The smell is refreshing but not strong, which is ideal for cat parents and cats alike.

Waterless Cat Shampoo

Price: $19.95

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6. Cat Claw Clippers

Cat Claw Clippers

Why I Love Them: Decreases nail splitting and makes it easy to cut away from the vein.

One great way to keep a cat’s claws healthy is to trim them on a regular basis. Sharp, pointy claws are great for outdoor cats, but can be uncomfortable for indoor cats (especially since our floors do nothing to wear down their claws).

Plus, long nails can get caught on furniture, carpet, and your clothes, and your cat may accidentally scratch you because they can’t completely retract super long nails.

These Cat Claw Clippers are perfect for anyone who wants to give their kitty and mani-pedi, especially if they’re concerned about where to cut the claw. Held like small scissors, the clippers have a round opening that’s the perfect size and shape for a claw.

You’ll easily spot the vein in the claw and have no difficulty positioning the clippers in the right spot. And if you’re not sure you see the vein, just cut off the pointy tips of your cat’s claws and you should be good to go.

I cut all my cat’s claws every two weeks, so these clippers come in handy. The round opening also lessens the chance of the cat’s claws splitting when cut. Don’t forget to always reward your kitty with a treat after every clipping!

Now you’re ready to get gifting this holiday season. Humans and their four-legged family members will appreciate all these gifts from My Lovely Feline.

Cat Claw Clippers

Price: $14.95

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Article by  🙋‍♀️
Cat Behavior & Fostering Specialist